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Welcome to Sign Source online learning. We hope this course will open new opportunities for your students as they work through the content and realise the professional, physical,  mental and social benefits that come from knowing sign language.

This page contains everything you need: 6 lessons, worksheets, certificates and sign song videos. Each lesson lasts for approximately 30 minutes and time has been given for pair and group activities.

Please see the relevant worksheets for sessions 2 and 3 which are linked below. Please distribute these to the students at the beginning of class.

Session 2 – Crossword worksheet

Session 3 – Multiple choice questions 

At the end of the six sessions, all those who have finished the course and completed the presentation can receive the ‘Introduction to BSL’ certificateWe would encourage your students to upload their presentations to their own or your school‘s social media along with the hashtag #signsourcelearning so one of our tutors can watch and provide feedback.

The first session can be used as a standalone course for all year groups who are not able to engage with the full course. This is a short deaf awareness talk and BSL lesson which will teach your students how to introduce themselves. We want everyone to understand how to communicate with the deaf people they may come across and knowing the basics can make a real difference.

We have also included a range of signed songs which many schools use for assemblies, concerts or for a bit of fun! There are a range of songs to accommodate different school environments however, we are happy to work directly with schools to ‘take requests’!

All the best with the course and I look forward to hearing about your students’ progress and seeing some great presentations in a few weeks! If you have any questions about the course or about anything related you can email:

Thank you