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Experiential learning and great for team bonding, students gain understanding of BSL rules and deaf culture such as the importance of facial expressions, pointing, placements, eye contact and waving or tapping on shoulder to get someone’s attention.

Sign Source for Secondary Schools is a six-session teaching resource designed for use in the classroom for up to 30 students. The sessions are engaging and interactive and include a range of activities and group work to reinforce learning.

The course covers BSL structure, grammar and syntax, plus deaf awareness.

We have made numerous signed songs available which can be enjoyed by all in class, assemblies, concerts and school performances.

Upon purchase the school receives the package for one year, with unlimited logins allowing the course to be used as often as required and at a time that suits the school’s timetable. This model is suitable for all post-primary year groups and is an effective and achievable option to give as many students as possible the foundation and skills to converse in sign language. Included in the package is a home learning course for revision and individual study.

We introduced the course as a taster for senior pupils and were overwhelmed by the response. There is evidently a thirst for learning BSL that we had not fully recognised and working with Anthony has helped us to address that. This was a fantastic experience for pupils. An excellent course, well-organised and brilliantly taught. Our students loved it. Anthony is a really engaging teacher and the pupils warmed to him immediately. In the words of one pupil, ‘it was very interesting and enjoyable and has made me want to continue to study BSL in the future.’ I really hope we can continue to work with Sign Source in the future so that our pupils can benefit from his expertise in learning British Sign Language. The course was very easy to navigate, and we have been impressed with how effective the online format has been. Anthony clearly has a lot of experience in this area which is very evident from his online course.
Glenlola Collegiate, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Dr Carolyn Larmour, Principal

Sign Source for Secondary Education Services

Sign Source aims to increase deaf awareness and inclusivity throughout your entire business or organisation. We accomplish this by providing online and in person training.

If you would like to sign up for this course you can purchase from our course page, or make enquiry.

Prefer a Bespoke one to one in person Service?

Sign Source aims to increase deaf awareness and inclusivity throughout your entire business or organisation. We accomplish this by providing customised, in person and online training and consultancy in British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness that is tailored to your unique needs.

Sign Source provides one-time or multi-session in person training.  Each participant in the course will receive a certificate of completion and your organisation will receive a framed certificate detailing its accomplishments.