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Imagine how much better your company would be in creating a welcoming environment for deaf staff or customers?

Bring the change you want to see by introducing Sign Source for Work into your business or organisation. It’s a great way for staff members to get to know each other through shared learning and it’s so much fun.

Did you know deaf professionals have the potential to work at all levels? 

There are deaf professionals working in the UK as CEO’s, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs and many others.

In the UK, deaf professionals are entitled to Access to Work government support to offer interpreters or other communication support required to assist them in the work place.

Sign Source provides training for businesses in inclusion and diversity, basic sign language and deaf awareness.

At Sign Source we have an immense vision and want your entire work place to learn BSL. We know your staff are busy and time is limited and so we have created a 1 x hour lunch and learn package. Sign Source at Work is a flexible, enjoyable programme for effective learning and will equip your staff with the information and language they need to make the workspace a place of equality for deaf colleagues and customers. A little effort can go a long way in making a deaf person feel valued, welcome and included.

Each employee will receive a certificate of completion and your workplace can be proud to show off their work with our personalised framed certificate that will outline, in detail, your company’s achievements.

Fulfilling this important aspect of EDI will be an excellent benefit for recruitment and tendering processes and Sign Source is committed to celebrating this work on our social media networks that have a monthly reach of 6 million.

“A huge thank you to Anthony Sinclair from Sign Source Learning who ran a fantastic & really insightful Introduction to Sign Language class for MCS Group | Your Specialist Recruitment Consultancy today As part of Learning at Work Week 2023, we learned some basic sign language including fingerspelling, basic introductions & greetings, and learned a little bit about Deaf culture & the history of BSL. As someone with no prior knowledge of sign language, this was genuinely such a beneficial session. While I definitely have a long way to go, I learned so much from this short session & hope to continue my awareness and knowledge of sign language and inclusion Anthony runs bespoke packages for individuals, workplaces and schools etc so I highly recommend getting in touch with Sign Source Learning to find out more”   

MCS Group

“As part of our #wellbeing calendar over summer, Power NI, part of Energia Group team members, had the opportunity to learn the basics of British or Irish sign language over 4 weeks. The British Sign Language (BSL) sessions were facilitated by local teacher and Deaf Olympics Gold Medallist, Anthony Sinclair. The Irish Sign Language (ISL) sessions were facilitated by actress and BBC Newsline sign language interpreter, Paula Clarke. Over the first 3 weeks, the teams learnt the alphabet, some short popular phrases, how to introduce themselves, how to say who you work with and where you live. On the last week, everybody came together for a joint #DeafAwareness session. The final session took a look at some of the myths that exist around #signlanguage and the deaf community and helped improve understanding around the unique perspective one has when living as a deaf person in a world that is constructed and planned solely for those who can hear and speak.”
Power NI

Sign Source for Work Services

Sign Source aims to increase deaf awareness and inclusivity throughout your entire business or organisation. We accomplish this by providing online and in person training.

If you would like to sign up for this course you can purchase from our course page, or make enquiry.

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Prefer a Bespoke one to one in person Service?

Sign Source aims to increase deaf awareness and inclusivity throughout your entire business or organisation. We accomplish this by providing customised, in person and online training and consultancy in British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness that is tailored to your unique needs.

Sign Source provides one-time or multi-session in person training.  Each participant in the course will receive a certificate of completion and your organisation will receive a framed certificate detailing its accomplishments.