Time To Sign

Welcome to the Sign Source offer. In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the key areas where we provide our services. Remember, if you would like to engage with us to create a tailor-made BSL package for your business, organisation or sector, you only have to reach out and ask. We can tailor them to your needs and specifications.

A major component of all our resources is our deaf awareness module, which includes interesting facts and figures and the recommended adjustments required to make environments user friendly. It gives critical insight into the challenges that can be experienced by deaf people and easily implemented solutions.

Sign Source for You

Sign Source for You welcomes you to a whole new language and learning experience that will include deaf people in your world. This is a unique online resource that uses structural and cognitive approaches to teach the vocabulary and grammar needed to use sign language meaningfully. The course is interactive and includes activities and linguistic tips to maximise your learning opportunity. This is a five-session programme and includes four online lessons followed by a one-to-one with Anthony.

Sign Source for Work

Imagine how much better your company would be for creating a welcoming environment for deaf staff or customers?

Sign Source provides training for businesses in inclusion and diversity, basic sign language and deaf awareness.

Our flexible and enjoyable packages range from a short deaf awareness session and basic sign language skills to an introduction to Sign Language and can be accessed individually or in a group setting.

They will equip your staff to make the workspace a place of equality for deaf colleagues and customer making deaf person feel valued, welcome, and included.

Sign Source for Primary Education

Watch children’s eyes light up as they learn through play. This resource is a fun and playful collection of teaching and activities for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

The course covers BSL structure, grammar and syntax, plus deaf awareness.

Topics are taught in bite-size blocks of five to ten minutes include colours, emotions, animals, conversational BSL accompanied by a variety of songs and activities to reinforce learning.

Straightforward in its application and delivery, all preparation materials are provided for the teacher/facilitator. Each session comes with a short lesson plan.

Sign Source for Secondary Education

Students gain understanding of BSL rules and deaf culture such as the importance of facial expressions, pointing, placements, eye contact and waving or tapping.

Sign Source for Secondary Schools is a six-session teaching resource designed for use in the classroom for up to 30 students. The sessions are engaging and interactive and include a range of activities and group work to reinforce learning.

The course covers BSL structure, grammar and syntax, plus deaf awareness.

Sign Source for Community

Wherever there is a gathering, youth, religious or community settings, this short and comprehensive resource is ideal for people who are keen to learn the basics of Sign Language and learn about deaf awareness.

The teaching is fun and interactive and includes secular songs and poems and religious songs and prayers. Whether a setting has a deaf participant or not, knowing Sign Language and having basic awareness is an excellent skill to have.

Health and Social Care 

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Sign Source is working hard to ensure care home and social services are able to have a basic Deaf Awareness and Sign Language with an increasing number of deaf people now using social services. One in five people are either deaf or have some loss of hearing. Older people are struggling to communicate which impacts on their mental wellbeing.

Medical Sector 

Sign Source is working closely Queens’ University Belfast medical students to teach them Deaf Awareness and basic sign language.

With some knowledge of Deaf Awareness and sign language a medical professional can welcome deaf patients, ask for basic information such as their names, addresses, date of birth etc and convey an interpreter will be arriving.

A better welcome makes deaf patients feel more included, relaxed, and comfortable key to the success of the medical consultation.

Sign Source for Sports Clubs

Whatever your sports specialism, our resource will give you the necessary information and advice to make your club and session both accessible, enjoyable, and safe for deaf participants.

Sign Source is heavily involved with sport, particularly tennis. Our work helps children focus on the inclusion of deaf athletes. Coaches also understand that deaf athletes need a lot of visual demonstration to help learn techniques.

This resource can be shared with staff, coaches, peers to raise awareness and learn the basic Sign Language required to connect and communicate with deaf people.

Hospitality (Recommend using Michael Deane pics)

Sign Source works in many areas of hospitality such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, charities. This benefits the business and its deaf patrons and is essential for deaf people to feel included and welcomed.


Deaf people shop every week! It’s essential they feel included and welcomed. It benefits the business and its customers to facilitate better communication with deaf customers.

To find our more about our work, follow the link to our website here